Find Momo by Andrew Knapp is a Canine Version of 'Where's Waldo'

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: gofindmomo & thisiscolossal
The Find Momo photo series adorably shows how dog's have a mind of their own. Although not as independent as cats, they don't obey their masters all the time. In this case, whenever Momo's owner Andrew Knapp would play fetch with him, he would hide instead of coming back with the piece of wood. And so the Find Momo series was born.

The Ontario-based graphic designer decided to document every time Momo decided to take matters into his own hands on Instagram. As a well-camouflaged canine, Momo has now become the 'Where's Waldo' of the Internet. The Find Momo website offers a great way to kill time as he plays the game really well. Some of the photos will have people swearing he's not in them.