From Phosphorescent Kicks to Puppies That Light Up the Dark

 - May 29, 2012
Being afraid of the dark is now giving way to embracing the dark, so as to better show off some of the gleaming glow-in-the-dark finds that light up in dreary places. Glow sticks and trippy black lighting effects are no longer the only way to illuminate dark spaces as the incandescent craze has made its way into mainstream products.

Neon bodypaint, glowing tattoos and light-up hair gel are a few examples of products designed to turn one's body into a human lighting element and ensure visibility even in dark conditions. For those who want to add a few brightly lit accessories to their collection, strapping on a pair of glimmering night-loving shades or cruising around on a phosphorescent bicycle will definitely do the trick.

This craze has also extended to the canine population as scientists have developed the Ruby Puppy -- a dog that literally was born with genes that enable it to glow red when the lights go out.