Light Architecture by Michael Jantzen Features Phosphorescence

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: michaeljantzen
Light Architecture by Michael Jantzen features a colorful and contorted collection of various light sources that have been bent, blurred and overlapped to create illuminated captures that somewhat resemble glowing ink blot tests.

Composed using a simple point and shoot camera, the photographs of various sources of light were snapped after the sun disappeared. By quickly shaking and moving the camera while pressing down the shutter, the artist was able to harness the glowing beams into interesting shapes. Each image was then doubled and overlapped atop on another to create new and intriguing forms.

While blurred shots of streaking light beams can sometimes ruin a photo, the artist decided instead to embrace the interesting and unpredictable nature of the vivid streaks of color that exist when light is captured during the dark of night.