The CURB DiscoFungi is a Unique Promotional Tool

 - Dec 17, 2009
References: curbmedia & springwise
Glow-in-the-dark bacteria would definitely get my attention, which is probably why the natural media agency CURB has decided to offer it as a marketing tool for brands. The CURB DiscoFungi (also called GlowFungi) is a low-impact marketing innovation that can be used for marketing campaigns—nocturnal ones, mainly—that comprises of glow-in-the-dark bacteria.

How does the bacteria glow, exactly? The CURB DiscoFungi uses naturally glowing bio-luminescent bacteria, which is added to petri dishes, a bed of mushrooms, or a writeable gel which can then be applied to any indoor or outdoor surface, according to Springwise. The CURB DiscoFungi has already been sent out to CURB’s clients and agencies. Who knows, maybe in the near future we’ll be seeing glowing bacteria used in marketing campaigns around the world!