- Jan 18, 2013
Drinking straws are an afterthought when it comes to consuming your favorite beverage, but these fantastically funky designs might have you thinking more about the simple beverage sipper. Straws are a relatively simple design that serve a very utilitarian purpose: transfer liquid from a container to your mouth. However, the designs you’ll find here re-imagine the original concept into items that are so savvy that they will likely become commonplace in your kitchen.

The most popular one include re-usable straws that are made from glass or stainless steel, which reduce the number of plastic waste going into landfills each year. Moreover, there are beverage sippers that break into several smaller pieces for convenient carrying when you’re out and about, but don’t want to grab a disposable one; just be sure not to toss it out when you’re done.

From Romantic Beverage Sippers to Reusable Glass Straws: