Shaker Straws Packaging is Assembled to Imitate its Contents

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: sevilledesigns & thedieline
A product's wrapper should satisfy two purposes: one is to contain and protect the item and the other is to communicate its qualities. While many boxes and bags succeed at fulfilling these criteria, Shaker Straws packaging executes the second with a playfully literal appeal.

Student graphic designer Nick Seville has actually constructed these cartons as standing hexagonal prisms. He most certainly would have opted for a cylinder except that the flattened sides of this arrangement allowed him to create a band of little folds above the middle of the box. This puckering of the paper mimics the corrugation in plastic slurpers which permits the head of the tiny tube to be bent without kinking. Cleverly, this creased concept for Shaker Straws packaging actually affords a whimsical way to draw the slender tubes from carton.