From Romantic Beverage Sippers to Eco-Chic Drinking Straws

 - Aug 31, 2013
There's something very enjoyable and child-like about being able to consume a beverage with a straw, and if you're looking for some fun sipping devices to utilize at home, then these diverse drinking straws will offer up some inventive designs.

While straws are ordinarily found in certain festive drinks such as milkshakes, colas or fruity concoctions, beverage sippers can easily be used in any type of drink to give it that fun and entertaining appearance. Perfect for both adults and children who simply enjoy the technique of sipping their beverages with a mess-free device, these unique drinking straws will certainly make any drinking experience much more fun.

From straws shaped like fluorescent glow sticks to those made from edible treats, these diverse drinking straws will definitely add a flamboyant touch to any ordinary beverage.