From Coupled-Up Communication Apps to Wifi-Texting Apps

 - Jul 30, 2014
With the release of fun messaging apps like Slingshot and Bolt, communication is becoming more entertaining, but also easier and faster than ever. Beyond what's already offered on your phone, there are tons of alternative messaging apps to choose from for Android and Apple devices. Some of the most fun ones like Imoji, UltraText and Xpress let you turn your own selfies into emojis, making messages more personal than ever. Since it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the tone of a text message no matter how many cryptic emojis you add, these apps make it a lot easier to gauge an individual's true feelings by their real facial expressions.

In addition to there being a ton of apps that are highly visual, there are also apps that improve upon text messaging, making it easier to do offline or with access to wifi.