E-mail Gets a Modern Facelift with Ping

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: pingapp & mashable
Ping is a new app that’s trying to put email back on the map. Since social media is so prevalent in our daily lives, messaging has taken on a more informal quality. Just look at services like Twitter, Facebook chat and WhatsApp among others; short, quick, to-the-point messages dominate, as opposed to the formality of the e-mail.

The convenience of Ping is that it brings newer messaging-app qualities -- such as seeing the messages in a continuous conversation as opposed to separate e-mails -- and syncs it with traditional e-mail. For instance, this app works with most major email providers, and if your e-mail recipient doesn’t have Ping, don’t sweat it. The e-mails will simply be sent in their regular format.

Attached documents or photos on the app can simply be accessed by turning your smartphone to the side. My favorite feature has to be the customizable alerts that allow you to get a sense of who is trying to contact you (and for what) before you look at your phone. If you’re a dedicated e-mail user who enjoys innovation, visit the app's website to reserve your mobile number so you can get access to Ping the moment in launches on September 18th.