The Telegram Messenger App is Simple, Secure and Super Speedy

 - Feb 25, 2014
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With Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp, a lot of users are frantically searching for new messaging apps and Telegram Messenger seems to be one of the most popular options. In the last couple of days, Telegram has seen five million new users sign up and it’s no surprise, considering that it boasts to be "the world's fastest messaging app – similar to IM apps like WhatsApp, but better in every detail."

Telegram has a ton of winning features, including that it enables group chats with up to 100 people, does not share a user’s data with to third parties and it’s totally ad-free.

The Telegram Messenger app is available for Apple and Android devices to download. As Telegram notes, on the iTunes store, "Telegram is free and will always be free."