From Healthy Fruit Garnishes to Berry Beverage Flavoring

 - Mar 20, 2015
These fruit sweetener innovations range from healthy fruit garnishes to berry-infused beverages that are made without added sugar. Fruit is known for its nutritional benefits and is a great way to boost low sugar levels without the use of caloric or artificial sweeteners. While artificial sweeteners are calorie-free, they are often infused with aspertame, an additive that can be harmful to one's overall health.

In addition to recent flavoring innovations like yacon syrup and a natural stevia plant sweetener, fruit purees, jams and spreads are an age old flavoring method that has re-emerged among foodies with an appreciation for artisanal and organic meals.

Moreover, natural fruit beverages, flavored water drinks and raw juice bars are changing the way we consume sweet beverages. These natural drinks are not consumed daily but are also a great way to cleanse the system during a detox that is designed to reset one's metabolism.