From Feature-Covered Models to Visage-Eliminated Portraits

 - May 17, 2012
Freaky faceless art features have been cropping up everywhere from portraiture to advertising -- and even on the catwalk.

While traditional art pieces would focus on the beauty of the model that is being featured, it is becoming increasingly more common to mannequin-ize the subject's features and direct the attention elsewhere in the shoot. While the apparent driving force behind wiping away the features of the human subject in a painting or ad campaign would be to focus the attention away from the visage, doing so in turn creates an eerie and alien-like feeling, and the missing face becomes a predominant feature.

Whether it be layering scarves across the mugs of supermodels walking down the runway, or photo-shopping their faces out from a print campaign, these face-erased art pieces are certainly not focused on vanity.