Ali Al Sumayin Illustrates Celebrities With No Actual Facial Features

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: alsumayin & randommization
Ali Al Sumayin knows that when you strip away a person's hair, accessories and clothes, everyone kind of looks like an indistinguishable template; and that's exactly why he's chosen to only illustrate those things in these minimalist portraits of famous media figures. No eyes, no nose, no ears and no mouth? No problem. I'm sure many of you can still recognize who each individual featured in these unique pop figure portrayals.

Among the famous people featured in these Ali Al Sumayin portraits include Barrack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Saddam Hussein, Marilyn Monroe, Diego Maradona, King Abdullah, Larry King and Adolf Hitler.

Implications - The popularity of minimalist artwork is on an exponential rise due to its simplicity. Consumers feel they can readily engage with these types of works since it doesn't require extensive cognitive thought to understand such pieces. Companies looking to make their products more appealing to consumers may follow a similar principle and simply the physical design of their wares.