The New Garland Coo Menswear Line is Boldly Fierce

The south German label was initially geared toward womenswear; however, the latest Garland Coo menswear collection is starting to create buzz. The fashion house is a collaboration between designer Jasmin Isabel Eckerle and artist Marcel Singer whose multi-faceted visions and cultural tie-ins to Germany fostered such unique outfits.

Channelling the Black Forest, Garland Coo menswear reflects the nature of German civilization, history and its stunning landscape. The collection adheres to slim-cut lines, fine silhouettes and avant-garde designs that make this label stand out among others.

Strong fabrics such as shag, heavy cotton and wool will not only warm your body during winter, but will also exude confidence in contemporary styles with a historical twist by juxtaposing its cultural heritage with urban strength.