Lace Head in Shoes-Up Magazine Speaks to Our Obsession With Sneakers

 - Nov 16, 2009
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To me this image looks like there's white silly string, or paper shreds, erupting from this model's head, but the title given to the piece signifies the artists had a different vision. "Lace Head" by Frédérick Carnet was photographed for Shoes-Up magazine, a French publication devoted to sneakers. Makes sense when it's in context.

The Lace Head shoot shows a man in various everyday scenarios around his apartment. Perhaps the headlessness signifies the way we do so many things without thinking, moving mindlessly, unaware through our world. Then again, maybe it's just about an obsession with sneaker laces.

Earlier this month we rolled out a feature on the faceless model trend, which included everything from headless to models to those with faces hidden under nylon. This trend shows no signs of stopping. Check out some of the examples below for more headless photoshoots and fashion shows.