Sabi Van Hemert Creates Fear and Happiness in These Sculptures

 - Jun 19, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: & sweet-station
The word "art" can mean different things to different people and in the case of Sabi Van Hemert, art is mixing different emotions into real sculptures.

Although at first glance, these little "humans" may look scary, behind each faceless head, there is a message. Sabi Van Hemert wants you to see the emotion of these "humans" without looking at their face, but rather at their body language. Can you tell which "human" is happy, sad or fearful?

Implications - Personally, I had quite a hard time distinguishing which emotions were displayed in each look. Sabi Van Hemert is happy with his creations for the connection they build between pet and animal, "I imagine the balance between the many conflicting feelings and thoughts that a man can have," he said.

Well done, Sabi. Well done.