From Retro Floral Fashion Styles to Grid-Like Floral Installations

 - Apr 1, 2013
Floral fashions are not only wonderful and refreshing, they are always popular. I think that it is safe to say almost everyone loves flowers, they represent life, beauty, spring and most importantly warm and beautiful weather. Floral fashions are expressed and represented across many different areas of art and fashion, from exploding floral fashionography to imposing floral displays there is room for everyones taste in this category.

With Spring at our doorstep and warm weather just around the corner, all of the floral fashions and flower-inspired artworks are most likely teasing our temptations and desires to feel and breathe the fresh summer air and enjoy all of our favorite spring and summer activities. I am happy to say goodbye to the cold weather and embrace the new life and energy that spring offers.