FLORAL PROJECT is Awesomely Designed by Antoni Tudisco

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: behance.net & obviouswinner
Flower arrangement is an endeavour most men care little about, but these awesomely designed flower pieces are sure to change most minds. The FLORAL PROJECT is created by German artist Antoni Tudisco, who's no stranger in dabbling with mashed-up art pieces to expose a new avenue in the art world.

The skulls, exposed organs and ladies in black aren't necessarily concepts that are easily associated with floral designs, but Tudisco is able to blend these elements together in such a speculator dark manner. It's not very often that a person can come across a pink t-rex or a flower display showcasing a women's exposed internal linings. Some people might find a few of Tudisco floral arrangements grotesque, but no one can deny the sheer craftsmanship that went into creating these floral arrangements.