1000 Roses for Zweibrucken by Ottmar Horl is Grandly Symmetrical

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: ottmarhoerl.de & trendsnow.net
1000 Roses for Zweibrucken is a stunning art installation that would put any grandiose Valentine's Day gesture to shame. As its name succinctly states, it is made up of 1000 roses. Yet they do not make up the typical bouquet women are accustomed to receiving. Instead, they have been arranged in a visually striking grid-like pattern on the ground in the German city of Zweibrücken.

Created by German artist Ottmar Hörl, the 1000 Roses for Zweibrucken art installation creates an oddly symmetrical garden that the French would absolutely adore. As written on his website, "His Rose installation on the Zweibrücker Herzogplatz the artist sees as a social component and at the same time as an impulse to bless the people on the ground to vibrate through a community-creating identity."