- Feb 3, 2011   Updated: Aug 22 2011
This burning compilation is all about what's hot and sizzling in the realm of flaming creations. Many photographers, inventors and engineers have utilized this blazing element to come up with extremely interesting innovations.

Burning mannequin photography, flaming footwear and lighter cuff-links have become part of this haute fashion trend, along with even crazier inventions. Tabletop fireplaces and suicidal robot contests make only a mere few of the endless flaming creations that will definitely impress.

Implications - Using shocking advertising to garner critical and audience attention is always an effective way for a company to promote their goods and services. Using concepts that are typically seen as dangerous and unappealing and combining them with products that customers want to purchase is a smart marketing move that would separate a company from its competitors.

From Crispy Cartoon Characters to Scorching Underwear Ads: