The DIY Hottest Pepper Grower Grows the World's Second Hottest Pepper

 - Dec 10, 2010
References: thinkgeek & thatsnerdalicious
I am a lover of spicy foods but even I am intimidated by the DIY Hottest Pepper Grower. This flower pot contains seeds to grow the Naga jolokia, the second hottest pepper in the world.

The Naga jolokia is rated at over one million SHU. While I am unfamiliar with the SHU scale, one million of anything sounds like a whole lot. The DIY Hottest Pepper Grower will grow you that pepper, though provided you give it a little water and sunlight. If you're ready to take the Naga jolokia, then pick up this pepper pot for only $5. Remember, there is a fine line between pain and enjoyment.