Cesc Fàbregas for Nike T90

 - May 20, 2008
References: ibelieveinadv
This humorous Nike commercial features Cesc Fàbregas, star of the British soccer team Arsenal F.C., and features him doing daredevil stunts to promote the Nike T90 shoes. Fitted with a special flame retardant suit, Fàbregas has a flaming soccer ball passed to him. Fàbregas stops the ball with his chest, as a good soccer star knows how to do, and immediately catches fire. However, he continues to dribble the ball thanks to his Nike T90 shoes which keep him cool under pressure. He keeps it up for a few seconds until he's overcome by the flames and falls writhing to the ground.

The ad cautions not to try this at home or anywhere. That's a shame cause I was planning to try it with the neighbor's kid.