From Kitchen Aprons to Airplane Designs Pokemon Still Dominates

 - May 16, 2012
Pokemon took gamers, card collectors and TV audiences by storm when it debuted in 1998, these eye-popping Pikachu finds are for the undying fans of the Pokemon mythos.

Despite the plethora of various Pokemons that have been created over the last decade Pikachu will forever be the official Pokemon mascot. Even those who never really fell into the craze can recognize Pikachu and can trace his origins to the popular Japanese cartoon. The yellow, lighting-firing critter has gone on to influence fashion designs such as kitchen apparel and runway-ready dresses as well as cosmetics and fashionable accessories.

Artwork continues to draw inspiration from Pikachu and friends with illustrations ranging from the dark and morbid to the cute and cuddly. The canvas for such artwork has also evolved, going from white, paper canvases to jumbo airplanes.