Rui Gomes Illustrates Intense Brawls Between Pop Culture References

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: foice.deviantart & blog.thaeger
The Internet loves pitting pop culture characters against one another in fictional brawls, but Rui Gomes takes it a step further by personifying media references, like the web browsers Firefox and Chrome, and then illustrating them kicking each other’s butts. Describing these bouts simply do not do justice to the grandiose scope of Gomes’ images as buildings and mountainsides are completely leveled as a result of these royal rumbles.

Among the imaginary fights Rui Gomes renders are Apple vs. Windows, Pikachu vs. Voldemort, Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin and much more. Often times, Gomes enlarges characters to Godzilla’s size, making each bout that much more exciting to watch. And though Gomes is still noticeably improving his illustrative skills, his concepts are already top notch and make his paintings overall highly enjoyable to look at despite technical execution.