From Pastel Blue Pouts to Studded Mouths

 - Jun 6, 2012
Since Lady Gaga and her meat dress hit the mainstream market, fashionistas are finding it harder and harder to stand out. Perhaps the easiest way to set oneself apart of the crowd, however, is eccentric lipstick application.

Fashion photographers and high-end stylists everywhere are exploring the world of weird pout pigments. No shade is off limits, with models rocking everything from Salem Witch Trial black to sky blue. Perhaps the most exciting (or intimidating, depending on your style) development is the popularization of lip studs or full-on coatings of mouth sparkle, giving your pout a more textured look.

Though kissing, drinking, eating or smoking while rocking one of these looks may be worrisome, they're sure to make you look hot while you stand there and pout.