The DuWop ‘Private Lipstick' Line is Responsive

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: shop.duwop & nylonmag
The DuWop ‘Private Lipstick’ line is bringing back the 1970s infatuation with mood-telling products back. Sold in an array of pink, red and deep-brown shades, the makeup brand has embraced the concept of a feminine shape-shifting look.

The application process of the Private Lipsticks is different from those supported by the majority of higher-end rouges. While most cosmetic companies boast long-lasting color of the same variety, these hues actually change after 5 minutes. This change aims to suit the personal skin tone of each woman, and actually uses the same technology that mood rings do, meaning that an angered flushed face or bright rosy cheeks will be reflected in the adjustment. This varying pigmented feature has made the collection into a smart consumer investment, as users will benefit from an assortment of styles with just one purchase.