Natalie Irish Puckers Up for These Painted Beauties

 - Jul 7, 2011
References: youtube & odditycentral
Natalie Irish, a Houston-based artist takes a unique approach to painting and still manages to create beautiful portraits. She uses bright red lipstick and paints by puckering her lips. Her process seems very organic and it is always great when artists showcase their artistic talents through unique means.

The truly amazing thing is the quality of the portrait and the likeness of the image she is recreating. Her portrait of Marilyn Monroe is striking and it is honestly hard to comprehend how she could have used just her painted lips to create it. These intricate art pieces would be an amazing art venture to try out if you are every in the mood and need a project to suck up some spare time. Natalie Irish has inspired me to whip out some lipstick and try my hand at this creative art form.