The Brass Talon Clip by Dilan Walpola is Darkly Fashionable

If you don't want to wear a bracelet or ring, then this jewelry piece might be perfect for your style. The talon clip designed by Dilan Walpola is hand-sculpted out of brass and fits between two fingers while extending down your palm and knuckles. You can wear only one clip or boldly double up like the featured model. The talon's color is a brassy-gold with an intricate design.

I find this Dilan Walpola piece really interesting, although it is kind of dark, it presents a new way to wear jewelry that stands out and makes a statement. The Dilan Walpola talon clip comes in one size and looks super badass with the model's dark black lipstick and slicked-back hair. Do you think you could rock the talon clip?