- Jan 27, 2015
Easy-open packaging is becoming increasingly common, as manufacturers of goods ranging from deli meats to vitamins realize that packaging design needs to take into consideration the limitations and needs of people opening the package.

Seniors in particular are one demographic who were long neglected when companies went about designing their packaging.

Many forms of traditional packaging are difficult to open for some seniors who may lack the necessary strength or coordination. For this reason, many companies are coming up with packaging designs that require a very simple pulling and peeling movement that anyone can tackle with ease.

Easy-open packaging also targets people who may be perfectly strong and healthy but are prone to getting annoyed when they have to spend a lot of time opening up a package. In a world where people are obsessed with time-saving and efficiency, easy-open packaging is a hit with many consumers.

From Senior-Friendly Meat Packaging to Tape Roll Containers: