From Marvel and Stussy to Daft Punk and Coca Cola

 - May 11, 2011
Dream team collaboration products generate a lot of buzz. A collaboration between two established brands and personalities is a great way to reach new audiences. It can also strengthen the credibility of already established brands. Either way, it seems dream team collaboration products are popping up everywhere and we thought it was a good idea to recount some of the best products to have emerge from this ongoing trend.

Unsurprisingly, the fashion world sees the most collaboration as stars and designers alike work together to sell their wares. From Star Wars and Adidas to Peanuts and Lacoste, apparel aficionados seem to gravitate towards clothes associated with pop culture icons; however, associating clothes with pop culture is not only limited to clothing brands as soda companies like Coca Cola latch onto music legends Daft Punk for celebrity endorsement.

What dream team collaboration products are you most looking forward to?