Empyrean Vagabond is a Hot Photography Series that Flies High

Empyrean Vagabond is a collaboration created by photographer Melson Bolongaita and stylist Roshel Esteron for their fashion styling and photography classes’ finals project in Fashion Institute of the Philippines. The shoot is a modern interpretation of a sky adventurer modeled by Jessica Chiao-han Yang featuring the works of young designers Xernan Orticio, Oz Go, Anj Calvo and Je-c Macaraig who all graduated from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Ms. Esteron, who is also a Make-up class student in the same school, specifically conjured the aesthetics of the photo shoot for their Philippine-based Taiwanese model Jessica Chiao-han Yang.

With accessories by PJ Valeciano and Roshel Esteron, shoes by Chloe Bejar and Peaches Cayanan, and assistance by Roel Valesco, it's no wonder that the Empyrean Vagabond shoot is such a sight to see. Shot on location Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City, Philippines, Empyrean Vagabond also brings to light a beautiful, yet underestimated vacation spot.