From Beautifully Awkward Illustrations to Distorted Doggie Portraits

 - Jul 14, 2012
The human face is viewed on a regular basis, and now many artists are using distorted depictions of faces to view this part of the body in a whole new way. Thus, altered portraits are born and there is an increasing wave of new and inventive depictions of the human form.

Whether it is using multiple exposures to create a unique form of depth in the portrait or using the grotesque to deform and manipulate the face into something new altogether, these photos aim to shock viewers. Needless to say, it is attention-grabbing when faced with the unordinary in the ordinary faces many are used to.

This form of distorted depictions can be beneficial to future ad campaigns, as they catch the viewer's eye and cause them to second guess their vision. Consumers are changing in the ways in which they view society, and it is favorable in this day and age to be different.