Kohei Akiba Paints Distorted Faces in a Simplistic & Haunting Manner

 - May 10, 2012
References: flickr & brwnpaperbag
These Kohei Akiba paintings would fit right in as props on the set of a Japanese horror movie. Rendering contorted visages that are distinctly human yet otherworldly, Akiba is a master of suggesting images through his work rather than presenting those visuals overtly. His approach to art certainly is distinct in comparison to the creations of his peers, and his minimalist use of colors coupled with the chaotic overall aesthetic of his paintings leaves viewers haunted in a fun way.

In addition to bizarre pictures, Kohei Akiba is also notable for his productivity. Over the last four years, he’s produced over 400 pieces of work. Readers may think that isn’t a significant feat considering Akiba’s rough, impressionistic style, but trying to conceive 400 concepts is hard enough, let alone executing those ideas onto a canvas in a timely manner.