These Garrett Pruter Collages are Artful and Sentimental

 - Feb 19, 2012
References: garrettpruter & interviewmagazine
These Garrett Pruter collages are artful and intricately detailed, shining a light on the sentiment of old photographs. Made from a multitude of found family portraits, purchased at thrift stores, flea markets and sales, these art pieces follow a nostalgic theme.

Sliced, scratched and altered, these photographs make up the artist's 'Mixed Signals' portrait series. Pruter describes his art as a homage of something that is "on the verge of being forgotten." Referencing themes of loss and life, this moving series fuses these old photographs along with ambiguous magazine cut-outs, aiming to represent the short span of photographs and their eventual deterioration.

From suggestive imagery to fragmented aerial views of urban environments, these memorable Garrett Pruter collages draw inspiration from the past, paying tribute to the nostalgia that makes people who they are.