Marion Bolognesi Renders Perfect Faces with Runny Watercolors

 - May 8, 2012
References: 5piecesgallery & cuded
Every one of these Marion Bolognesi illustrations only feature the facial attributes of her subjects. Viewers aren’t given the option of staring at luscious hair or masterfully painted bodies, but that’s entirely okay as Bolognesi’s pieces already overwhelm audiences’ ocular senses with stunningly perfect faces. Though rendered in watercolors, they have a near photorealistic look to them and viewers can’t help but be entranced by each subject’s magnetic gaze. They’re the definition of beauty, and yet, that’s not even the most impressive part about these particular paintings.

Audiences will no doubt gravitate towards Marion Bolognesi’s work because of her calculated use of prismatic watercolors. The streaky and seemingly random placement of the paint actually accentuates each female's beauty, similarly to makeup. The overall compositions look as though haunting ethereal faces are peering out from blank canvases in a ghostly manner.