These Ioana Antonov Caricatures are Humorous and Bizarre

In the past, one would usually have to go to a carnival, circus, or theme-park to find caricature drawings like these Ioana Antonov illustrations; thanks to the Internet, one need go no further than the nearest computer or smartphone to amuse oneself with ridiculously rendered depictions that are drawn with the express aim of contorting their subjects into bizarre and unflattering forms. Of course, it's all in good fun.

Caricature drawing is the fun house-mirror equivalent of portraiture. It's not usually intended to be serious or provocative. Still, that doesn't mean that just anybody can sit down at a canvass and draw up a slew of admittedly twisted, but decidedly well-rendered illustrations.

As much as Ioana Antonov's caricatures are humorous depictions, they are impressively drawn, composed and colored. She is serious about being humorous.