Ezra Shaw Captures Airborne Athletes at Their Finest

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: news.nationalpost & likecool
I'm warning you, these hilarious photographs by Ezra Shaw will have you jumping with laughter.

Ezra Shaw is a talented photographer with impeccable timing. On behalf of his employer Getty Images, Shaw photographed the faces of competitive divers at the FINA World Championships. He took close-up shots of their faces, and chose the best freeze frames to share with the world. These images are hilarious; they show the divers at their moment of most intense concentration. The force of their jump distorts their facial features, comically warping their expressions.

Although these photographs are phenomenally funny, Ezra Shaw has also proven just how hard these athletes work to achieve their goals.

Implications - Society has become overly saturated with advertisements rendering them desensitized to their imagery. They now only pay attention to ads which feature comedic and atypical images; these are memorable and spark discussion in society.