- Nov 1, 2011
From a gothic Snow White to a spectacle-sporting Ariel, gone are the days of innocent cartoon characters -- at least when it comes to these daring Disney princess remixes, that is. Whether you grew up with Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, or any other fairytale heroines, or you were never a huge princess fan, these contemporary takes on the gals are shocking, controversial, and a definite must-see.

You might not have ever imagined the world of Disney princesses and steampunk fashion would mix, but that's exactly what you'll find in one of my favorite princess remixes, the Steampunk Disney Princesses series by HelleeTitch. Even edgier than that is artist Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros's ‘Disenchanted’ series, which continues to make a huge splash in the blogosphere this year.

For more incredibly shocking and controversial cartoon heroines, check out these daring Disney princesses remixes!

From Corrupted Cartoon Characters to Hot Hipster Mermaids: