Disney Face Swap Exchanges Classic Character Mugs

Movies about princes and princesses are classics, but the Disney Face Swap tumblr adds a certain zing to these fairy tales that aren’t found in the original storylines.

The Disney Face Swap tumblr does exactly what its name indicates: swaps the faces of Disney characters. With everyone from the classic Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs to the newer movie Tangled, the tumblr enjoys rearranging any and all faces. The tumblr will definitely bring a smile to your face with all its silly transformed expressions.

Check out Disney Face Swap to see hilarious switches like Snow White as one of the seven dwarfs.

Implications - Modern-day consumers have such hectic lifestyles that they look for the quickest ways to relieve some stress. Easily accessible materials containing humor attract more attention than elaborate productions. Companies could recognize this desire for instant gratification when coming out with new products.