From Glamor Deo Spreads to Product Placement Prank Shows

 - Apr 11, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
How do deodorant marketers get our attention when their products lack differentiation (at least in functionality) in comparison to those of competitors? With awesome and attention-grabbing deodorant campaigns, that's how.

Old Spice, for example, has recently produced some creative and hilarious viral campaigns that have gotten people talking. From Old Spice's tiger riding screamvertising to buskvertising, this cluster features some of the best deodorant campaigns we've seen so far. Enjoy!

Implications - Though the product may not be particularly exciting, deodorant and hygiene products have some of the most memorable and effective marketing campaigns. Whether they are infused with humor, social consciousness or sexual imagery, many of these campaigns have made a wave on the viral video scene.