Rexona Rebels Against Body Odor

 - May 27, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
What better way to sell deodorants than to use posters in the style of political propaganda and social change? With captions like "Join arms to build a world free of body odor," it's time for the revolution!

The copywriter Bich Ngoc Nguyen must have had a field day coming up with copy captions like, "Using Rexona preserves the purity of the environment", "Don't run away from the truth. Use Rexona.", "Don't stink just because of ignorance. Use Rexona.", "To quell body odor is to show your sense of responsibility towards the community.", and "Don't give in to your fate. Use Rexona."

I like the campaign, which is a nice change from Axe's overly sexual ads. It was created by Lowe Limited ad agency in Vietnam with creative directors Brandie Tan & Tin Sanchez, art director Erik Nguyen and with nice illustrations by Take Studio.