From Sweltering Sunbathing Spreads to Steamy Supermodel Shoots

 - Sep 13, 2011
It's simple to heat up a basic pictorial by throwing in a sensual celeb or supermodel, but once they get all hot and bothered, it turns into photographic gold in the form of a sweat-soaked feature.

Despite this being a generation with every souped-up sweat repellent product on the market, it still seems that the natural, misty-skinned look is warmly welcomed in the pages of magazines. The steamy shoots range from sweaty workout lookbooks with dramatically dripping models to before and after marathoner captures focusing on how a little perspiration can drastically alter a put-together appearance.

The best way to create a viral and epic editorial is to avoid the dry and dehydrated, turn up the thermostat and ignore the misguided advice of those that say "don't sweat it!"