Cruel Summer has a Seasonably Sultry Appeal

 - Jul 1, 2011
References: sansierra & homotography.blogspot
As disgusting as it's sometimes seen, human sweat is the very element that makes Cruel Summer by Santiago Sierra so irresistibly appealing. When you're as attractive as Marloes Horst and Evandro Soldati are, this glisten on your skin is becomes incredibly attractive.

You might think that the swimwear that stylists Lindsey Gathright and Garrett Munce chose for the models might fade into the scene, but the bold modern garments enhance the contemporary look of these photographs. Bikinis, tank tops and board shorts flaunting bright colors and patterns complement the sculpted physiques of the provocative pair.

Yearning for comfort under unrelenting rays, Marloes and Evandro seek relief after a plunge in the water, and strip down to nearly nude, lying back on the pool deck. Cruel Summer by Santiago Sierra may be intolerable to these two, but it's pretty generous to their onlookers.