- Jul 4, 2013
One of the best parts about enjoying the summer season is soaking up all the wonderful sunshine outside, and these stunning sun-drenched fashion spreads are showcasing just how beautiful and visually striking modelling in the sunshine can be.

Summer clothing is all about portraying that carefree and relaxed vibe, and what better way to portray that notion to an audience than by showcasing models wearing the clothing in the hot summer sun? The combination of reflective light, striking visuals and summer-inspired features serves to make these fashion spreads visually compelling, especially to those looking to find something chic to wear outdoors.

From sandy sun-drenched shoots to chic street-snapped catalogs, these lovely fashion spreads are beautifully capturing the essence of summertime by showcasing models bathing in the sunshine.

From Utopian Sun-Drenched Shoots to Sun-Soaked Forest Captures: