Marta Streng Captures Sunny Photos of a Lone Fashionista

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: fashionising
The Marta Streng photo shoot 'Sun Should Be a Girl' is dipped in warm light and outlandish fashion. The series features the designs of Anna Probe. The designer favors structuring piecesm with exposed piping and tough fabrics. The leather clad model creates a sense of toughness and hard earned wisdom. Standing alone in an abandoned town, drenched in sun, the model appears to be a rebel without a cause. Her gaze is far off and lost.

Marta Streng is a Polish-based photographer. Her ability to manipulate light is concise and technically brilliant. She creates simple, yet evident narrative through her dynamic compositional style. Her artistic direction allows for the couture to stand out, without pixelating the emotion of the photos.