From Fruit-Flavored Wieners to Bottled Celebrity Souls

 - Dec 26, 2014
When you break down the top December 2014 bizarre concepts, it becomes apparent that there are a lot of unusual crossovers. Examples of this include wasabi-flavored toothpastes, car fresheners scented like fried chicken, burgers that taste like a pumpkin latte and cafes where you can also get your shirt freshly ironed. However perplexing some of these unexpected combinations may be, they bring new flavors, scents and experiences to things which have become all too familiar and mundane.

If you’re looking for a bizarre holiday gift that no one will be able to see coming, some of the quirkiest things to give this holiday include a mason jar filled with a "celebrity soul" from SoulsRUs, or New Born Fame, a baby mobile that helps get kids involved in social media before they can even speak.