This Unique Cocktail Bar in Dallas Serves Unconventional Drinks

 - Nov 15, 2014
References: dallas.eater & twitter
Earlier this fall, the Midnight Rambler finally opened its doors in Dallas, Texas, taking pride in creating a unique cocktail bar experience with a number of clever and unexpected combinations.

Unlike a traditional cocktail bar, Midnight Rambler is stocked with a different set of equipment that really lets its mixologists pull out unique flavors. This includes tools like dehydrators, distillers and immersion circulators that you're more likely to find in an upscale kitchen rather than the average cocktail bar. Midnight Rambler describes that of its most unusual drinks called the Bull Shot is made with vodka, sherry and aromatized "beef stock with star anise, cardamom, cassia bark and then hoisin, sriracha, fish sauce, and a little bit of MSG to really push that umami quality in the drink."