From Sriracha Clamato Caesars to Cucumber-Jalapeno Margaritas

 - Jul 8, 2015
Why not kick off the summer season by whipping up a batch of spicy summer cocktails for your closest friends and family? From classic summer drinks to more unusual cocktails, these zesty drinks are sure to kick your next party up a notch.

While spicy drinks may seem counter-intuitive on a hot summer day, adding a bit of heat can be the perfect complement to refreshing seasonal ingredients. For example, the coolness of cucumber pairs perfectly with the heat of jalapenos, for a taste that is both exciting and refreshing. For something on the bolder side, why not combine fresh shrimp with a little bit of Sriracha for a unique twist on a classic caesar?

Of course, adding a bit of heat to a batch of spicy summer cocktails doesn't have to involve fierce ingredients such as chili peppers and hot sauce. For something with more of a subtle spicy taste, why not opt for a ginger-flavored cocktail. Fresh ginger makes a perfect addition to many drinks, but you can also use ginger beer for a quick ginger fix.