SoulsRUs Allows You to Purchase the Souls of the Rich and Famous

 - Nov 12, 2014
References: etsy & mashable
SoulsRUs is an Etsy Store that specializes in the bottling and distributing of souls. Yes, you heard me right. Souls.

I used to think that the buying and selling of souls was a right reserved for Satan and the dark overlords, but thanks to Molly "The Happy Reaper" Gates, you, too, can own your very own soul! And not just any old soul, but a celebrity soul!

Gates first discovered her hidden talent when she (accidentally) reaped the soul of a friend's hamster. Nowadays, she has turned her dark expertise into a side business. Souls are surprisingly affordable, with each one retailing for around $15 dollars, except for Justin Beiber. Gates explains, "He went for $7.62 because I wanted him out of my house."