Trend Hunter's Misel Saban Shares Her Top Picks for Bizarre Beauty Products

 - Nov 20, 2014
If you are into unusual skincare or are looking for novelty cosmetics, these bizarre beauty products are very niche. Trend Hunter PR Specialist and Editor Misel Saban counts down her favorite examples of cosmetic obscurity from peculiar plasticine perfumes to bizarre beer shampoos and food-based skincare.

For Play D'oh's 50th anniversary, Demeter crafted a salty fragrance a very specific segment of the population will enjoy. Some might have heard beer makes your hair shiny, but one North Carolina-based brand is taking it to the next level by infusing their hair care with craft pale ale. Another boozy example of bizarre beauty products is a face mask created by SheKnows that is inspired by margaritas. Korea-based Skin Food is also all about putting food ingredients on your face. In a similar vein, you can purchase spicy toothpaste packaged to look like a tube of wasabi.